About Mental Health Gateway

Thank-you for coming to Mental Health Gateway. Here you will find
information about improving your mental health, some more common
forms of mental illness, tips for managing mental health challenges,
screening tests (where available), and resources for those wishing to
improve their mental/emotional resilience as well as information and
resources for caregivers and family members of people dealing with
mental health challenges.


Mental Health Gateway is not intended to be a replacement for counseling, therapy or psychiatry. If you have severe symptoms contact your local mental health resource as quickly as possible. If you are suicidal or seriously considering doing harm to another, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or go to your local emergency room immediately. If someone you care about is out of control, or if they are threatening to harm themselves or someone else, contact your local police and ask for a mental health intervention immediately.

About Me

I have a number of close family members and friends afflicted with varying degrees of mental illness. In working with them to find coping methods, I have learned a great deal about mental health. I have met, and been privileged to guide and support, people afflicted with many forms of mental illnesses. My Mental Health proposes to offer tools for navigating this confusing, and often frightening, process.

Understanding Mental Health

As a member of the mental health community for the last 30 years, I have watched too many people get confused and overwhelmed when they suspect they, a family member, or someone they care for, may have some form of mental illness. Perhaps a diagnosis has frightened or confused them. Sometimes they need a resource to find out how to cope with mental illness, or perhaps, they just want to know how to increase their resistance to symptoms of mental illness.

Mental Health Gateway talks about good mental health practices, what used to be called “mental hygiene”. These are simple things that can be done to improve resistance to emotional distress, and/or be better equipped to manage symptoms of significant mental illness. These practices are part of most peoples lives, but I do not assume everyone knows them.

We discuss a new and exciting field of mental health research, nutrition and the role that diet and supplements can play in the treatment and even prevention (schizophrenia and autism) of mental health challenges.

As part of mental health management, we go into a number of practices that can build your resistance to the symptoms of mental illness. These practices are intended to actually strengthen your psyche and improve your overall resilience.

US Mental Health Care System – Discusses some public issues affecting the mentally ill and offers some potential solutions for these challenges.

We go through the signs and symptoms of the more common forms of mental illness referencing screening tests where they are available online. Again, My Mental Health is not intended to be a replacement for a professional diagnosis. We go into each of these illnesses in depth, referencing professional resources where they are available online. We talk about degrees of severity and coping techniques that have been found useful for patients, family members, and those caring for people with mental illness.

Another one of the features of My Mental health is the Headlines where we address some current mental health topics being discussed in the media.

You are not alone

Mental illness has become a major national issue here in the USA. The incidence of Major Depression, for example, has skyrocketed and suicide rates, particularly in middle-aged men, are at an alarming level.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you what guidance I can.

All the best,



If you have any other questions please contact me at saspatz@mentalhealthgateway.com


15 thoughts on “About Mental Health Gateway

  1. It is wonderful to know this website is around. There are many people with issues that need somewhere to turn and this just might be a place that can help someone in serious need. God has a way of leading people to where they need to be and this could be one of them.

  2. excellent Site Very nice how well stated all your concepts are and seeing your hard work coming to fruiton makes me proud to know you

  3. This is a great site and should prove to be quite helpful to many. Refusing to dwell on the negative by replacing those thoughts and feeling with a more positive mindset is definitely helpful and necessary. Staying busy working with others for a great cause is also extremely beneficial.

    • It is extremely helpful to find a way to feel empowered to address the challenges one faces in life. For example: A homeless person getting involved with a Food Bank. These are the sort of positive, solution oriented activities that help people get through difficult circumstances in much better spirits than they would otherwise.

  4. Very informative and helpful information to anyone dealing with mental health issues themselves or perhaps a loved one. The advice and warning to seek professional help for a professional diagnosis is a great idea also.

  5. Hello.I am studying psychology and l really like this subject of mental illness.Psychology have helped me to understand these types of illness and am glad that you are doing so well.Where l come from people do not believe that mental illness need medical attention rather they believe in African traditional beliefs.
    l suggest that you put a white background to your website so that we can see the information properly

    • I would be very interested in African Traditional beliefs. My email contact is the bottom of the “About My Mental Health. If you would enjoy sharing this perspective, I think it would be very interesting. The field of Psychiatry is VERY young, less than a hundred years. Here in the West, we had some very peculiar beliefs as well. In fact many religious communities still ascribe to some of those beliefs. Demon possession, the Evil Eye, curses etc…

  6. Thank you for spreading the awareness about mental health. I look forward to learning more about ways to practice “mental hygiene”. I too, like many, have experienced painful episodes of deep depression. Sometimes I think this is attributed to knowing too much about how sick our planet is because of humans. The CO2 emissions, the trash, the clearing of forests for cattle farms and development. I try to stay positive as much as I can and try to make a difference. I appreciate all that I have in my life: health, love, shelter… etc. Thank you for providing information on how to stay mentally healthy in this crazy world.

    • Thank-you for your feedback. I have spoken with many people that have found ways to cope with profound depression. Three techniques have been found effective for many:

      A: Shifting attention i.e. the mess we are leaving on the planet – instead of focusing on all the bad news about pollution Look at the people that are courageously standing up, and more importantly, making a difference. Some by raising awareness, some by doing the hard work of finding solutions and developing new technologies, some by making the investment to build those technologies, some by raising awareness about those technologies, some by advertising those technologies etc… 

      B: Getting involved in solution oriented action. Find where you can best make a difference, by actively pursuing  solutions we can redirect our energy away from just being angry and depressed to constructive passion.

      C: Keep a sense of humor, the human condition is ridiculous when viewed with humor. If we can see that humor, it helps – alot.

  7. Very impressing article about you and mental health, I can see your website is going to be a great asset to people looking for good tips and strategies to improve their own mental health.

    I like how you make the point for people with serious symptoms to consult a professional, this is good advice and people will appreciate this information very much.

    • It is my eventual goal to supply links for online counseling, therapeutic, and psychiatric resources as well as support groups.

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